Maintaining multiple PCs in a home a hassle? Replace them with thin clients.

Is maintaining multiple PCs in a home a hassle?
Support for more than one remote desktop sessions (probably 5) should be added to Windows so that one PC can be a terminal server. The other PCs can be replaced by thin clients. (note that this is not currently supported by Windows, this is just an idea)
  1. Only one PC to maintain.
  2. Thin clients are less noisy and takes less power than PCs.
  1. If the terminal server is turned off, the thin clients cannot connect to it. Thankfully Vista defaults to safe sleep when you press the power button on the start menu or the computer.
  2. All the software needed have to be installed, all the data need to be stored, and all the CPU power is used, on one PC. It better be powerful.
  3. Games and other graphic intensive applications won’t run well over a Remote Desktop session.

Smart Displays are one implementation of this idea that ended up being failed, which is unfortunate.

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