Separating pro admins from people with admin accounts (Update)

Anyway, my point was that a solution to the "The admin is an idiot" problem was to separate pro admins from people with admin accounts. I don’t think that can be really done, however.

From "Is there a difference between an "Administrator" and a "person with an admin account"?":
"I’m not sure that there’s any meaningful difference, unfortunately, except for the fact that the professional administrator hopefully has more training (this is not always guaranteed unfortunately)."

That was the difference I was referring to, because the training the real admins receive certainly means it is not an idiot, where people with admin accounts on their home computers often is an owner of the home computer that otherwise is an average user.

"Raymond’s right – these days users are expected to perform all of the tasks that were normally associated with a professional administrator."
Despite the fact that it is not their job or interest.

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