More on the “the admin is an idiot”

Finally I figured out that the average user don’t care about computers just because they own or use one. When they use or buy a computer, they buying or using it because are trying to do a task, and once they are finished using their computer, they want to get on with their lives. The average user don’t want to dedicate time to maintain or administrate a computer, because they have better things to do. Keep in mind this if you are trying to notify the user. Fortunately, if there is no data on a computer that is not already somewhere else (for example, it is only used as a Internet appliance), the computer don’t have to be backed up.

In other words, when the average user buys or sets up or uses a computer, the user engagement level for the computer themselves is quite low. The user just want to use the computer to do a task, often have better things to do, and they don’t particularly care about computers. In fact, I think that when the average user buys a computer, often someone else recommends which computer to buy because the user don’t want to read technical details.

Which means that the idiot "admin" have better things to do.

More on user engagement levels here:

BTW, the cost of maintaining and administrating a computer or anything else to someone just because someone owns it is called in business talk as the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). 

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